Are a professional mehndi artist?

If yes, do you know how to make mehndi paste and cone at home?

If you don’t know,  so don’t worry in this article you are going to learn about it and that too step by step.

As we know every mehndi artist prefer their home made mehndi at every functions. Making mehndi paste by yourself is beneficial because you would know is it stainable or not. We also take care about our customer satisfaction with high quality mehndi.

For your ease I have made a well explained video also through which you can learn mehndi paste and cone within 15 minutes.

You can easily follow the instructions and can make mehndi paste and cone. Even in this video, I have also told how to make your mehndi paste more smooth.

This process is really crucial when you want to apply mehndi with attractive designs. While applying mehndi you need to be comfortable and you can be with your own mehndi cone.


1. Mehndi Powder
2. Water (Warm or normal)
3. Gift wrapping paper or white transparent paper
4. scissor
5. Oil

There are 5 essential ingredients that you must have to make mehndi paste and cone.

With the help of oil you can make your paste smoother. So this is recommended but not compulsory.

Isn’t is very affordable?

You will not have to do more expenses on these stuff, even am assuming these all are available at your home.

Now you can start making mehndi paste and cone step by step. I hope this guide about how you can make mehndi paste and cone would definitely helpful for you.

If you have read this blog till the end then I must say you have learned how you can go step by step.

For more guide like this you can subscribe my blog and my YouTube channel as well. You will get some attractive designs also for your practice and for making your functions more beautiful with mehndi.

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