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The Mehandi ceremony is the beginning of the wedding celebrations, typically held at the bride’s house. All attention is focused on the bride as she has her hands decorated with intricate and beautiful designs by Mehndi artists. Mehandi is seen as a symbol of good health and prosperity as the bride starts her journey towards marriage.

A talented and experienced Mehandi artist is essential in creating stunning henna designs that match the bride’s desires. Delhi is known for having many of the best Mehndi artists skilled in traditional and modern henna designs.

Experienced Mehndi Artist in Delhi NCR, India

The Delhi/NCR region is overflowing with talented mehandi designers, each offering their own unique style of bridal mehndi, including modern, personalized, Indian, Arabic, and more. However, finding the right design to match your preferences can be a challenge. Some of the popular and instant mehndi designs for brides are –

Moroccan Mehndi Designs: Unique and beautiful, featuring tribal patterns and diamond shapes.

Indo-Arabic Mehndi Designs: A modern fusion of Indian and Arabic styles, featuring Indian designs with Arabic shading. A popular choice among modern brides.

Indian Designs: Characterized by their intricate illustrations and motifs inspired by nature and floral patterns. Often, the bride and groom’s names are incorporated into the design, symbolizing their unity.

Western Mehndi Designs: Also known as “henna tattoos,” they are minimalistic, featuring geometric shapes and quirky patterns. Suitable for those who prefer lighter henna.

Arabic Mehndi Designs: Large-scale and spread out, Arabic designs feature round or elliptical shapes and heavy shading. They often include quotes written in Arabic, adding to their beauty.


When Booking a Delhi’s Best Bridal Mehndi Artist, Here Are Some Important Things to Keep in Mind –

Book in advance: Book early, especially during peak wedding season, as most artists are fully booked.

Stay informed of latest trends: Keep yourself updated on the latest henna designs before booking a professional.

Inquire about time: Determine the amount of time needed for the design, especially if it is intricate.

Consider budget: Find an artist who meets both your creative vision and budget.

Determine their style: Some artists specialize in a particular style, while others offer a range of designs. Determine their style to get an idea of their creative skills.

Ask about ingredients: Ensure that the artist uses natural, high-quality henna and does not mix it with any toxic or synthetic ingredients.

Be open to suggestions: Consider suggestions from the artist for more options.

Check social media: Use social media to view the artist’s portfolio or find inspiration for designs.

Request a trial session: Ask for a trial session to assess the quality of the artist’s work and time needed.


About Twinkle Bansal

This is Twinkle Bansal, a professional mehndi artist in Delhi, India. I started my journey in 2017, and now I am offering best dulhan mehndi design services near Pitampura, Rohini, Rani Bagh, Punjabi Bagh, and the entire Delhi-NCR region.

My henna artists services in Delhi include mehndi booking for bridal, wedding, engagement ceremony, teej, rakhi, Eid, karva chauth, and other events.

In my 5+ years of experience as a Delhi mehendi artist, I have served over 200 clients, of whom 100+ were brides. I am a specialist in bridal mehndi, Arabic mehndi, floral mehndi designs, finger mehndi designs, Rajasthani mehndi, designer mehndi, traditional mehndi, etc.

Best Bridal Mehndi PACKAGES

The Most Popular and Best Dulhan Mehndi Design at Indian Parties

There are so many mehandi artists and designers in Delhi who specialize in mehndi designs such as Arabic mehndi, floral mehndi, and full-hand mehndi designs for Dulhan. You should always choose the best mehendi artist in Delhi as per your needs or occasion, but if we categorise the henna designs, they can be broadly divided into two parts, like mehndi designs for dulhan or bridal and mehndi designs for guests.

Let us go over them one by one-

Mehndi Designs for Dulhan/Bridal

As you can understand by its name, this henna design can be applied only to Dulhan (the bride) to enhance her beauty on her special day. Arabic, Moroccan, and minimal are some trendy henna designs that are generally used to apply henna for Dulhan at her wedding by world best mehndi artists.

Guest Mehndi Designs

Mehndi is always considered a symbol of prosperity at every wedding or engagement. This is the reason the female guests who are attending the wedding or engagement function are also interested in having mehndi applied to their hands by professional mehndi designers in Delhi.

Why Choose us as Your Bridal Mehndi Artist in Delhi, India?

As the best and professional bridal mehndi artist in Delhi, India, Twinkle Bansal offers a unique experience and expertise to make your wedding or engagement ceremony special. With over 200 clients served, including more than 100 brides, Twinkle Bansal has established a reputation for delivering high-quality mehndi services at home.

Unlike many other top mehendi artists in Delhi, india who only have listings on third-party websites, Twinkle Bansal has her own online presence, including her own blog, Facebook and Instagram profiles, and YouTube channel, allowing clients to easily access her portfolio and keep up with her latest creations.

Choosing Twinkle Bansal as your bridal mehndi artist means you can trust in her experience, skill, and dedication to making your special day unforgettable.

Our Mehndi Work Samples


FAQ’s about Best Bridal Mehndi Artist in Delhi


What is the fee charged by bridal mehndi artists in Delhi?

The starting prices for bridal mehndi artists in Delhi are Rs. 1100 that goes upto Rs. 11000, depending on mendi design and length.


How long does it take for mehndi artists in Delhi to apply henna?

If you hire a professional same as mehndi artist in Delhi, it will hardly take 3-4 hours apply henna?


How much in advance should you book a bridal Mehendi artist in Delhi?

For a hassle-free mehndi booking, it is always a good idea to book your mehndi artist in Delhi at least 2 months in advance


How much do mehndi artists in Delhi charge for traditional bridal mehndi?

In Delhi, mehndi artists charge for traditional bridal mehndi between Rs. 2100 to Rs. 21000.


What should I discuss before booking my bridal mehndi artist in Delhi NCR?

Before booking bridle mehndi artist in Delhi NCR, you should ask to send thier sample mehndi designs and price quotes.

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